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HDR-Fox T2 ver 1.02.07

posted 4 Feb 2011, 06:28 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Feb 2011, 03:13 by Humax UK ]

Application: 1.02.07

- Humax TV Portal enabled
            - iPlayer
            - Internet Radio
            - Wiki@TV
            - Flickr
- Audio Drop out on HD programmes resolved
- HDMI > DVI improvements
- Back button returns to previously viewed channel (when i-plate is on screen)
- WiFi Support (Humax Dongle to be available from
- Background Copy 
- Background Delete
- View more episodes for a Series in the Schedule list by pressing the Right Arrow 
- FTP Server > Switch this option ON in the Internet Settings menu)
            - Username: humaxftp / Password: 0000
            - FTP is available for Backup purposes only
            - All content transfered from the product via FTP will be encrypted and you are only able to playback on the product when copied back on, or via USB 
- Auto Delete function - oldest files will be removed; Lock files so they are not Auto Deleted.
            - Auto Delete is switched OFF as Default
            - To enable Auto Delete go to Menu > Preferences > Recording > Auto Delete
- Allow selection of Multiple Folders for copy/move/delete
- Trailer Booking (Green button "Book Me" prompt will appear on screen)
            - BBC and Channel 4 currently broadcasting info for Trailer Booking.
- SMS Input supported
- Power Saving in Standby option included in Installation Wizard