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posted 4 Jul 2011, 06:25 by Humax UK   [ updated 27 Aug 2012, 09:51 by Unknown user ]

Application version: KZTFT1.02.29
Loader version: L7.26 / L7.27
System id: 806C.7000
Update Date: 05 JUL 2012

- Resolved TV Portal > Internet Radio issues (to be made available on the Portal week commencing 27th August)

Download here

Application version: KZTFT1.02.28
Loader version: L7.26 / L7.27
System id: 806C.7000
Update Date: 26 May 2012

- Improved Audio Description volume levels
- Reliability improvement
- Modified on screen messages regarding Network changes / re-tuning
- Resolved remote issue with no remote operation after 10 seconds from start-up
- Universal Remote feedback messages on screen 
When a mode button is pressed on the remote (PVR, TV, DVD, Audio) an image appears on screen.
If a mode button is pressed in error when trying to control the Humax product user is informed on screen to press the PVR button.

Download here

Application version: KZTFT1.02.20
Loader version: L7.26
Micom version: 7.63
System id: 806C.7000
Update Date: 10 Jun 2011

  • Humax TV Portal enabled
    • BBC iPlayer
    • Internet Radio
    • Wiki@TV
    • Flickr
    • YouTube (will be added to the TV Portal on 6th July) -
      Note: Only available with 1.02.20 software.
    •  Resolved Internet Radio rebooting issue
  • Audio Drop out on HD programmes resolved
  • SD / HD Audio balanced
  • HDMI improvements
  • 1080p icons included
  • Back button returns to previously viewed channel (when i-plate is on screen)
  • WiFi Support (Humax Dongle)
  • Background Delete
  • Auto Delete function - oldest files will be removed; Lock files so they are not Auto Deleted.
    • Auto Delete is switched OFF as Default
    • To enable Auto Delete go to Menu > Preferences > Recording > Auto Delete
  • Allow selection of Multiple Folders for copy/move/delete
  • Trailer Booking (Green button "Book Me" prompt will appear on screen)
  • BBC and Channel 4 currently broadcasting info for Trailer Booking.
  • SMS Input supported
  • Power Saving in Standby option included in Installation Wizard